Communicate for positive conflict resolution


Separation becoming
a war…
Is it inevitable?

Every separation is painful.

But ending a marriage doesn’t have to be a battlefield.
It doesn’t have to involve months of courtroom drama, destroy your kids leaving them with irreparable scars.

There is an alternative, for the future ex-spouses that you are, for the parents that you stay, for your children.

Divorce in another way.  A better way.

At CoMediation we have a whole new way of approaching divorce

  • Because a successful divorce is primarily to make sure your kids stay out of the conflict,

    we give you concrete ways to preserve your parental relationship

  • Because a separation involves multiple components,

    we address all the elements of ending a relationship: emotional, financial, professional, legal…

  • Because the outcome of this process will greatly influence your future life,

    we help you to progress towards an equitable and sustainable agreement.

  • Because each situation is unique,

    we assist you in finding solutions that really suit you.

A 7 step process

At CoMediation, we know how to help you efficiently turn the page on your past and create conditions for a sustainable co-parenting plan

Our 7 step approach
is built around your needs
and those of your children

Immediate issues: immediate solutions to immediate issues: separate households, accommodation for the kids…
Provisional agreement: transitional arrangements to make your life more comfortable during the mediation process.
Co-parenting plan: how each of you can exercise your role as a parent whilst respecting the other.
Financial plan: your resources and your needs, future financial contributions.
Division of common property: the allocation of your assets
Conventions: the drafting and signing of the convention that includes all the points of your agreement.
Follow-up: the divorce petition and practical formalities to finalize the divorce by mutual consent.

Need a real estate expert, a child therapist, a notary…?
We provide you a list of experts and consultants who can effectively help you.

What concrete results?

  • A divorce or separation where where all your grievences are settled through mutual agreement.
  • A fair and equitable agreement that respects your interests on every point.
  • An agreement that will anticipate unexpected events that will inevitably occur.
  • A long lasting and sustainable agreement, because it was personalised for you.
  • A quick and cheaper alternative, 3 to 5 times less expensive than traditional proceedings.

With 90% success rate, mediation results in an agreement that settles disputes and protects your children from conflict.


  • Each session is led by two professional mediators, a man and a woman. This offers you the best guarantee to be effectively heard and understood, as well as a wider range of experience and perspectives.
  • The cost for one hour mediation session vary between 50€ and 85€ per person depending on the financial situation of the parties.
  • The process generally requires between 3 and 10 sessions of 1h30min. In case of cancellation less than 5 working days in advance, the session will be charged.

We’re here to help you.

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